Welcome to my new Herbal Harmony section of recipes.  Many love to randomly peruse recipes including myself plus many people have  commented that some of my spice blends sound intriguing  but they are at a loss as to how to actually incorporate them into their own kitchens. Many of these recipes do suggest the use of some of my spice blends but at the same time also suggest the recipe will work as well by using any combo of your own favorite spices.

This is intended  to be used as a guide of sorts in the hopes it will encourage more people to branch out in the creation of preparing meals.

Being an Certified Herbalist I always incorporate the healthiest spices and herbs into my handcrafted custom blends that not only add great flavor  but offer the most nutrients as well. Also of note I am happy to  provide to all who are interested the health benefits of any and all spices I use. 

Enjoy browsing these recipes, and while these are not my own creations but ones I have researched in my Herbal books and found interesting, my hope is that everyone does as well.