Derived from Middle Eastern cuisine this delectable spice blend is used extensively in Lebanon and is always kept easily accessible either at the table or stove top much like we use salt and pepper. Traditionally it is made from various spices with the addition of dried sumac berries, I have used dried hibiscus flowers in place of the sumac as they are very similar in taste as well as lend an original and creative flair.      Plus hibiscus flowers are packed full of vitamin C and anti-oxidants which help to fight cancer cells, and assist in keeping cholesterol levels balanced. Hibiscus imparts the tangy flavorful taste of cranberries and yet is slightly sweet and earthy...This spice blend is wonderful as a dip for fresh bread of all types...simply mix with an amount of olive oil of your choice and dip away..!! also great on hummus or salad and all roasted vegetables..     Or try mixing the spice blend with some labneh which  is a whipped creamy soft cheese much like cream cheese of sorts which is made from strained yogurt and and is very popular in middle Eastern cuisine. You can then spread it on a crunchy cracker of choice top with hazelnuts and a drizzle of honey....!!!