This spa basket is filled with all organic products hand made by KB and will make a wonderful gift to anyone who would love some Holistic pampering!! Perfect for birthdays, shower gifts, Mothers Day...even Fathers Day as everyone deserves some relaxation!!
Among the many items are organic bath salts in varying scents and ingredients which can be customized to your personal preferences.. This particular basket has Lemongrass scent with Himalayan Sea Salt, Epsom Salts & Baking Soda, in combination this bath salt will leave your skin softened and comforted while soothing your frayed nerves into total relaxation. The Lemongrass is very uplifting and will help you to focus only on the relaxing properties of this mixture.
This basket also comes with a yoga mat freshening spray which was made by infusing herbs in organic witch hazel in a sunny window for a few days, with various essential oils which will leave your mat fresh for the next use.
A flower etched 6 oz. glass cup is also included along with a tea strainer and a bag of my custom Tranquility Tea which is made of organic spearmint leaves, calendula flowers, lavender buds, hibiscus flowers, dried blackberry & lemon peel. Delicious and very relaxing blend of wonderful herbs which I experimented several times and after a few different pots of tea this is what I feel imparts the flavors and feel of what I was hoping to accomplish. It is wonderful as is or organic lemon slices and pure raw honey can be added, it is all according to your particular taste.
There is also a 100% cotton hand towel, 4 tealights in Honeysuckle -Jasmine and Lavender scents along with glass holders to make your spa experience even more special and relaxing. There is also a votive vanilla scented candle with a pretty turquoise candle holder.
I have also included a special blended face and body spritzer made of organic witch hazel, vitamin E, peppermint and lavender essential oils which will cool off and refresh your skin after a yoga or exercise workout.
One of my Herbal homemade soaps is also included which is available in various ingredients and scents this particular one is made of organic castile soap, tea tree oil, vitamin E, Lavandin Hydrosol & calendula flowers and is very softening. .
An aromatherapy herbal inhaler which has calming ingredients, also handmade by KB as well as one of my tubes of lip gloss is also in this basket.
A complete 7 stone set of Chakra Stones are also included with brief descriptions of the qualities attributed to each particular stone.
Much thought and time went into this Spa Basket and is sure to please everyone...!!!

***** This is a full 5 pounds of products in an 11 X 11 inch round basket, as a result shipping charges will be somewhat high....I have no control over this...I wish I did. What I will say is this: if you are seriously interested in this Spa Basket., I suggest you do some comparison online shopping and that being said my hope is that you will realize the quality and amount of my holistic products will far exceed your expectations...***** .

Yoga/Spa/Bath Basket