A unique and very beautiful tea blend as the butterfly pea flowers turn the heated water into a vibrant blue color and if lemon or orange slices are added it goes from blue to a light pink, to a deep violet depending on how much butterfly pea flowers are added. 

The Butterfly Pea Flower tea alone is a slightly earthy flavor and does very well if added fruit and/or honey is added. 

My custom tea blend is a mixture of butterfly pea flowers, organic peppermint, rosehips and slices of fresh lemon turning it into a beautiful, tasty and very healthy tea blend. 

Other uses for this fun herb is making colored and flavored ice cubes which can really jazz up other drinks and/or cocktails!! Kids would love it in their water, could be a fun and easy way to get extra water intake for your little ones. 

This tea has many health benefits as well....it is antioxidant, chock full of vitamin C, and the flavonoid quercetin which is known to increase blood flow to the capillaries of the eyes which can bring relief from blurry and or tired eyes.


Available as loose leaf which provides the ease of preparing as strong or weak as desired.  Loose leaf is also easier to prepare a tea pot full.

Prebagged is available as well and will increase the cost somewhat. 



Size: 1 oz loose leaf    approximately 8 cups depending on strength.

          2 oz loose leaf   approximately 16 cups depending on strength


Cost: Loose Leaf: 1 oz $12.00

          Loose leaf:  2 oz $17.00 


Cost: Hand packed Prebagged 1 oz: $13.00

                                                   2 oz $19.00 


The tea bags I use are made in the USA from natural fibers, bleached with hydrogen peroxide and absolutely glue-free. The fibers are made of wood pulp and abaca which is Manila Hemp and a member of the banana family. The banana plants are native to the Philippines.

Violet Butterfly Herbal Tea

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$9.00Sale Price