Just in time for Valentines Day...( I know...just barely...LOL ) I have created a specialty gift box consisting of candy, cookies, gourmet hot cocoa mixes  along with a softly scented candle in a beautiful tin, which you will want to keep long after the candle has been used up, decadent chocolate frosted  cookies ( and who doesn't love oreos )? handcrafted custom herbal tea blend with tea strainer, a valentines day herbal inhaler for complete relaxation...a couple of organic herbal lip glosses...for that special someone in the event a few kisses are exchanged...with any luck. !! This gift box is suitable for anyone in your life who is special to you...Moms, Dads, Friends, Lovers, Neighbors, Grandparents, Nurses, a sweetly perfect way to show them how much they mean to you especially in these unsettled times....reserve yours now....they will be made per order and due to the time constraints only a limited number will be available........ size: 8x8 square sweetly decorated box cost: $35.00 plus shipping ( if 2 or more are ordered shipping is free. )

Valentines Day Gift Box