This herb is not only a culinary spice but studies have shown it to be a beneficial herbal remedy for many ailments including arthritis, gum disease, hypertension, cancer, cholesterol and  allergies just to name a few. It has been found to contain more anti-oxidant properties than Vitamin E. Also is very rich in iron making it beneficial for people with anemia. Turmeric is also considered to have high anti-inflammatory agents and has been shown in studies to be effective for osteoarthritis. With the addition of a high quality Malabar black pepper which is comprised of piperene which greatly increases the effectiveness of turmeric on the body. 

100 caps per order

***** As with any herb should you experience any unexplained side effects discontinue use immediately.
This information is purely for educational purposes only.
As an Herbalist it is not my intention to proclaim any diagnostic or curative benefits. Consult a physician with any specific health concerns. Please refer to my full disclosure on my profile page. *****

Turmeric/Piperene Capsules


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