Immune: The combination of these essential oils supports a healthy immune function.


Fatigue: Feeling tired? need a healthy pick me up? A few few inhalations of this combo may perk you right up


Sea Breeze: Longing for the fresh salty air of the Beach? Aren't we all? this may help quell that thirst.....


Breathe Deep: This helps to clear stuffy sinus issues to facilitate deep breathing...


Tummy Tamer; The oils in this inhaler may help that queasy feeling from too much fun from food and beverages.


Sugar Buster: Longing to move away from sugar cravings? this blend may just do the trick.


How to use for optimum benefit:


With one finger pressing on one nostril hold inhaler to the opposite nostril and breathe deeply 3 to five times....then switch sides.

Herbal Inhalers