A great cup of a honey based hot beverage that will give you back your get up and go in the morning or anytime you need a little pop of pep..!! And the addition of raw wild honey is also an extremely healthy way to start your day.!!



Add all ingredients to one cup of good honey, I suggest a local farmers market type of raw wild honey or any honey of choice. Keep stored in a glass jar in cabinet away from any heat sources. 

For each cup, just dip a teaspoon ( or more or less depending on strength of choice ) and add to 1 cup of hot water, let steep until cool enough to drink, and sit back and enjoy the uplifting feeling of warming energy seeping into your exhausted bones...


Ingredients: Organic Cinnamon, Ginger, Fennel Seed, Astragalus & Cardamom


Makes approximately 30 cups dependent upon how much blend is used.

Sunrise Zip