A lively delightfully well balanced tea blend created with dried organic strawberries and South African Honey Bush Tea with a very summery taste. 

A sweet aroma of honey and strawberries with a sweet flavor of roses and fruit. 

A nutritious blend which contains minerals including calcium, iron & zinc as well as beneficial plant compounds that have antioxidant properties. 

Great as a cup of tea as is or also equally delicious with slices of organic lemon or oranges.


Available as loose leaf which provides the ease of preparing as strong or weak as desired.  Loose leaf is also easier to prepare a tea pot full.

Prebagged is available as well and will increase the cost somewhat. 



Size: 1 oz loose leaf    approximately 8 cups depending on strength.

          2 oz loose leaf   approximately 16 cups depending on strength


Cost: Loose Leaf: 1 oz $12.00

          Loose leaf:  2 oz $17.00 


Cost: Hand packed Prebagged 1 oz: $13.00

                                                   2 oz $19.00 

Summer Solstice

$12.00 Regular Price
$9.00Sale Price