My newest spice mix is a very beneficial blend of spirulina and nutritional yeast with a trace amount of pure Himalayan sea salt and cayenne for that touch of heat that is very tasty on many different foods from baked potatoes to popcorn! Many people are not familiar with nutritional yeast or any of its nutritional benefits and have no idea of how it tastes, but this has a rich buttery flavor to it that is just delicious and so versatile in the types of food it can be used on. It must be tasted as it truly defies adequate description.
For centuries the people of Mexico, Africa and Asia have eaten spirulina and considered it one of their major sources of protein, the types available now through reputable herbal supply houses are organic and completely free of all contaminants.
For those unfamiliar with spirulina it is a beautiful blue green algae found naturally in alkaline warm water lakes and has very concentrated nutrients far different from any of the grains, herbs or any other plants we normally associate high vitamin values with. One of the most important being an essential fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid or GLA as it is more commonly known. It is also comprised of vitamin B12 which is what our bodies need for healthy red blood cells as well as iron, protein, essential amino acids the nucleic acids RNA and DNA and chlorophyll which is where its deep green color comes from.
It is highly digestible and beneficial for many conditions and its high protein content makes it an excellent between meal addition as it has been found to balance glucose levels and curb appetites.
My new blend also contains nutritional yeast which may be another surprising beneficial seasoning as most of us associate yeast with baking.. where it typically does an excellent job at making baked goods so good, but it also has many nutritional qualities also.
Nutritional yeast is not an active yeast that is used in baking, rather it is an inactive yeast full of niacin,
riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid and vitamin B12.

Spirulina Splendor