Refreshing and cool for these hot days and extremely easy to make and very healthy. Just brew 2 cups of South African Honey Bush Tea, let cool, then add 2 cups of Organic Raspberry juice. 

Purchase pure organic raspberry juice from a health food store or even better purchase fresh raspberries from a local farmers market and juice them yourself...raspberries are full of nutrients and great taste. 

South African Honeybush tea is delicious on its own with a sweet scent of honey and berries with a delightful taste of fruit and roses. Mixes well with all other fruit tea blends. 

These are equally as good using most summer berries.



Mix both ingredients well and freeze. Popsicle molds can be purchased  or just pour into oversized ice cubes with popsicle sticks...let freeze and enjoy a refreshing treat with no added sugar or additives. Just pure healthy organic tea and fruit !!  

As an added treat if using fresh raspberries drop one or two into the molds.



Herbal Harmony has organic South African HoneyBush Tea available on the website if you are unable to obtain locally

Sparkling Popsicles