This recipe is a 2 step process that takes some planning yet not incredibly time consuming. First there is the brine or marinade to put together which is only 4 ingredients, and is perfect  for those who love the hot & spicy side of life!


1 chicken ( approx 3 lbs ) cut into 8 pieces ( can purchase already cut )

1/2 cup dark brown  sugar

1/2 cup cayenne pepper sauce ( tabasco ( if you are truly brave..! ) or franks redhot comes to mind )

1/4 cup fine sea salt )

5 cups water


Extra virgin olive oil


In a large stockpot add brown sugar, pepper sauce of choice, sea salt & water and heat over medium heat & stir until salt & brown sugar are fully dissolved.

Remove from heat allowing marinade/ brine to cool completely before adding the chicken.

 ( Very important to be sure marinade is completely cooled. )


Add chicken pieces, cover pot and refrigerate overnight. This is the most desirable way to insure as much of the flavorful combination of spices and ingredients.


Remove chicken from its overnight bath and lightly pat dry. Before grilling or baking coat each piece in a little olive oil on all sides and sprinkle with the Herbal Harmony Smoky Hot & Spicy spice blend ( or any preferred spices you have ) as lightly or generously as desired.


Grill or bake until well done. Serve with garlic bread, Italian salad & fresh corn on the cob for a great springtime / summer feast.!  Maybe an ice cold sliced watermelon for dessert!


Smoky Hot & Sweet Chicken