In this busy world it can be so hard to truly get a solid nights sleep.....try as we might to maintain a healthy lifestyle our nights can sometimes paint a different picture. 

My handcrafted sleep pillows may be just the answer to your dreams....packed with beneficial relaxing sleep inducing herbs once placed under your pillow or in your pillow case you may just be able to bring about peaceful snoozing...these tiny pillows are filled with botanicals that can not only lull you to sleep but induce peaceful dreamy landscapes to put your weary mind to rest..............this practice of utilizing the natural goodness of plants dates back centuries when these combinations of peaceful herbs helped to ward off evil and nightmares.....

Simply place under your pillow or inside your pillowcase and breathe deep....let your mind wander to calming peaceful silence..........


Handcrafted with organic herbs and 100% pure organic cotton muslin bags....


Slumber Land Sleep Pillows


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