I have refined and basically recreated this wonderful skin oil and can now offer it in two unique types....one for general skin care and one with the added ingredient of organic neem oil which is especially beneficial for eczema and other rashes.....the neem oil has a distinct aroma that is not well received by everyone....however it is highly effective. Both have the highest quality organic ingredients that have a long history of healthy healing beneficial components for skin issues..these include organic witch hazel, my own solar infused calendula oil which sat in a sunny window soaking up the healing qualities of the sun along with Calendula Hydrosol, Lavandin Hydrosol, Vitamin E and organic Aloe Vera.Just specify which type you need when ordering and the free shipping on orders of over $35.00 is still in effect so perhaps both types would be a great addition to your skin care products. select Eczema formula or Fresh formula

Skin Relief Oil Blend