New line of exquisitely scented lip gloss in 1 oz tins with screw on lids. Created with special emollient ingredients to glide on leaving your lips extremely soft and slightly glossy. All scents are completely: Vegan, Non GMO, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Alcohol Free and contain no chemical fillers or preservatives.Many new scents are on the horizon and the ones currently available are:Mango: Flavor is ripe, juicy & softening.Coconut: classic coconut scent with notes of creamy coconut milk vanilla and a sweetly subtle floral scents.Limoncello & Cream: An exotic aromatic lip gloss inspired by the Italian drink. It has a hint of star anise and a sugary creamy baseChampagne: has a distinctly teasing bubbly champagne scent with a fruity twist somewhat herbal with a hint of vanilla..VanillaThis lip balm scent is a soft, sweet and creamy  vanilla along with a subtle grapefruit top note, with a little hint of star anise and clove,...truly a scent you will love.Acai Berry Acai is considered an antioxidant superfood and my Acai flavor smells of mixed fruits and berries with top-note of vine-ripened raspberry, strawberry, boysenberry and peach nectar. A touch of vanilla and a sweet butterscotch like base note makes this absolutely scrumptious.

Shimmering Lip Gloss