A new luxurious bath soap created with the moisturizing benefits of Shea Butter, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Lemon and Spearmint essential oil, Mediterranean Sea Salt, Organic Lemon peel and Spearmint leaves...
This is a very fresh and lightly scented fragrance with soft sudsy lather which pampers your skin.
Shea Butter contains many vitamins and fatty acids which makes it very moisturizing and nourishing on your skin, especially if you are plagued by dryness.
Shea Butter has been found to possess anti inflammatory properties which helps to reduce skin inflammation.
It also assists in the skins natural collagen production and contains linolenic acids and other components which can prevent skin from becoming too dry.
Each bar is a full 4 ounces and fits nicely into your hand. 
Perfect as a thoughtful gift or your own personal use..

Shea Butter Herbal Bar Soap