Truffles are among the most revered delicacies in the culinary world and offer a wonderful taste experience. In this spice blend I have utilized the pungent yet delicate flavor of Italian Black Truffles with a fine sea salt along with other spices that nearly defies an adequate description. It must be tried. It carries the flavor notes of an earthy, woodsy aroma with perhaps a smattering of garlic, wild mushrooms and hazelnut undertones. It is a versatile and truly delicious blend on a variety of foods to include meats, vegetables, eggs, caviar and even popcorn.!

Truffles are very high in protein and amino acids, Vitamin D yet low in carbs and cholesterol free. They are also in their natural form very high in fiber.

I have added other healthy spices to this blend such as black pepper, turmeric, grains of paradise which is a member of the ginger family making it very beneficicial to digestion. Its flavor is like a mix of a peppery cardamom combination. I also added lemon and a touch of sugar cane.

This is a very flavorful delicous blend that once tasted you will delight in adding to a variety of dishes.

* Due to the expense of the dried truffles it is necessary to raise the cost of this particular spice blend *

Savory Truffle