This new spice blend of Saffron and other ingredients and will be sure to tickle your taste buds. It is delicious on baked potatoes, steamed vegetables, crisp salads and with its endless versatility it is equally as tasty on all meats whether you roast, bake or BBQ. The unique taste of saffron combined with the onions and other ingredients will enhance any and all dishes.
Interesting facts about saffron include the harvesting which entails the hand picking of the stigma which is the pollen gathering part of the blue saffron crocus flower in the Kashmiri region of India, Iran and around La Mancha in Spain, Typically grown on family farms where the hand picking is done by all able bodies family members and is also done round the clock when the flowers are ready to harvest and be prepared for market. Complete harvesting takes between 2 to 3 weeks in the fall as the flowers begin to open. After the busy harvest a happy celebration takes place with the ensuing euphoria possibly due to the large infusion of mood boosting saffron!!
It is easy to see why Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world as it takes approximately 80,000 crocus flowers which generally equal a quarter million dried stigmas to produce only one pound of saffron!!!
Suffice to say a little goes a long way!!

Savory Saffron