Suffering from the effects of a cold that just won;t go away? My new herbal blended tea may be able to help with that as well as the stuffiness and sinus congestion that accompanies winter maladies. At the very least it will be a warm comforting healthy cup of tea that you can add sliced organic lemons or oranges to as well as honey for a complete relaxing experience.
My tea is made with all organic herbs such as mullein and marshmallow which both have been shown to be effective with respiratory issues.

*** please note *** as with any herbal product should you experience any unexplained side effects discontinue use immediatley. As an Herbalist and Holistic Health Advisor it is not my intention to proclaim any diagnostic or curative benefits. This information is purely for educational purposes only. Please refer to my full disclosure on my profile page for any further clarification***

Respiratory Relief Herbal Tea