I am beginning to offer holiday themed garden stones. This is my first one and is a special custom order that I will not duplicate. I am happy to create an appropriately ..."" scary """... Halloween themed garden stone just for you....it is made of hand cut glass, austrian crystals and beautiful rocks and jewels....it is completely sealed so will withstand being outside in the elements and would look awesome propped up against a fence post or tree or in a wrought iron stand.
I have listed on the site the holidays I will be offering but any custom garden stone idea can be made to your specification. The shipping estimates on this item are just that ... estimates as it will depend on the size you select. Please let me know if there are any questions regarding style of garden stone and or shipping policies. I always try to ship with the least amount of cost to the buyer....

Ravens Nest

  • Custom Stone

  • **Additional postage is necessary due to the weight and special packaging