Robust and healthy this newest tea blend combines the healing properties of organic elder berries, echinacea root and honeybush to create a tasty tea which is the perfect combination to fight off all the annual flu, cold and bronchitis bugs that come with the winter months.


Elder Berries are filled with herbal goodness that is long known to fight influenza viral replications and reduces coughs, and is one of the best herbal medications for all flu symptoms.


Echinacea Root offers the perfect fix for the wet cough that often come with bronchitis. It enhances immune function, reduces fever and is an excellent herb to go to for all respiratory conditions as it is also antibacterial anti viral and relieves mucus congestion. It is also considered natures antibiotic.


These two essential herbs when combined with the fruity & tangy honeybush having a natural sweetness that makes for a delicious tea to be enjoyed anytime not just when you are down with a bug. Honeybush imparts a wonderfully sweet stoma of honey & berries with the slightly sweet taste of roses and fruit.


For an extra pop of essential goodness add a slice or two or organic lemon and spoonful of wild raw honey as both are exceptional additions to any cup of tea with the lemon being full of vitamin c and raw wild honey containing both antiseptic and antibacterial benefits.



Cost: $9.95 1 oz approx 8 cups


$15.00 2 oz approx 16 cups



Potent Vitality Tea Blend