Summer has not even made its true arrival yet...but many of us are still feeling the dry skin blues of this past winter. And our skin feels like it has been in 120 degree desert sands for days with no end.

I recommend you try this combination of essential oils and skin loving carrier oils that should help alleviate that tight skin dry feeling. I slather it over my entire body after every shower or bath.

It is hand crafted by KB and has vitamin and moisturizing components that will make your face and body feel amazing. I created this out of desperation for in a high altitude area with little humidity I was amazed at how dry and itchy my skin became, but for me this has helped exponentially, and my hope is it works for you as well. 


Contains: Organic Jojoba Oil. Essential Oils, Aloe Vera Gel, Witch Hazel and 

all are very easy on the skin as it gently cleanses and conditions your pores to maintain clear, smooth and balanced skin.

Jojoba Oil is a pure moisturizing oil that is cold pressed from seed of the jojoba shrub and while it has many uses it is primarily used to promote softer skin. It is also ideal for all skin types.


4 oz bottle:   $10.50

8 oz bottle:   $14.50

16 oz bottle: $20.00 


plus shipping which is dependent upon size and location. 



Parched Skin Blues