All natural and organic treatment for all the minor cuts, scratches and other skin irritations that our pups occasionally get in the course of being a pup..!.  
Contains Organic Witch Hazel which is very anti inflammatory and anti bacterial which protects from possible infection from these skin issues. Aloe Vera is added for the healing and relief from minor injuries and Organic Chamomile which is one of the most soothing and healing as it contains anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic qualities.
Especially beneficial in keeping those cute wrinkles clean on the snub nosed breeds such as Pugs, Frenchies and Bull Dogs just to name a few.
No chemicals or unnatural preservatives are added. Witch hazel actually doubles as a natural preservative so no refrigeration is necessary.
Safe enough to use several times a day if necessary. Also safe enough for use on senior or young dogs.
Not suitable for deep or serious wounds or in the eyes or nose.

Organic Wound Care