Welcome to the world of delicious custom tea blends. These hand crafted specialty teas are created with specific issues and health benefits in mind and are available in one ounce bags which makes approximately ten 6 ounce cups depending on the strength it is made. Simple to make, simply steep in very hot water 8 - 15 minutes. Delicious and refreshing hot or cold and can be made even more delicious by adding slices of lemon or orange and wild honey. Larger amounts are available simply click on the custom order spot and let me know how much you will be needing.
These make great little gifts for family, friends, co workers. and neighbors.


DANDELION DETOX: One of the most effective detoxifying herbs ever. This combination works primarily on the liver and gallbladder to remove the myriad of toxins we are exposed to daily. This can help in preventing the formation of gallstones. This special blend also is wonderful on the digestive system, soothing to the lining and muscles of the colon. 


Dandelion leaves
Spearmint Leaves

RELAXING PASSIONFLOWER: A very gental sedative type herb which helps anxiety, tension, irritability and insomnia. This tea produces a very relaxing effect and is non habit forming. Also very beneficial for pain associated with headaches or toothaches. This is also very beneficial for blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. Provides a warming and soothing sensation and is excellent for coughs, colds and other respiratory issues.


Passionflower leaves
Ginger Root

VIOLET DELIGHT: This tea is a very soothing and cooling herbal mix and is gret for fevers and other types of inflammation. A wonderful delicious tea for sinus issues, bronchitis, sore throats etc. This blend is good for detoxifying kidneys and bladder, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, eczema and psoriasis just to name a few. 

Violet Leaves
Hydrangea Root
Assam Black Tea
Ginger Root
Dried Peach

ROSY REPOSE: This provides a very gentle sweet and flowery tea which can help alleviate anxiety, depression, tension, migraines, and headaches. Very soothing and calming to the nervous syste and helps to calm stress. Packed with vitamins and the elements contained within the rose petals can boost immunity and excellent for digestion. 

Passionflower Leaf
Skullcap Leaf
Dried Roses

MINTY NETTLE: Excellent herbal mix contains anti allergenic components to help with the effects of hay fever and mild asthma symptoms. Very good for colds, flu and upper respiratoy issues. This particular blend also beneficical for providing improvement in irritable bowel syndrome issues. 

Stinging Nettle Leaf
Spearmint Leaf
Lemon Peel

HIBISCUS HEAVEN: Excellent tea and tastes great too! Contains antioxidant and anti inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and anviviral properties which is good for elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. Excellent choice for detoxifying the liver and gallbladder as well as providing a boost to the immune system. 

Hibiscus Flowers
Calendula Flowers
Orange Peel

Speciality Organic Herbal Teas