My latest salve will be much appreciated as we get more into the upcoming cold and flu season which is soon to be upon us . It is 100% organic with menthol crystals which are known to be a cooling and soothing way to open up our respiratory passages without all the chemicals and preservatives such as petroleum and turpentine which is found in so many over the counter remedies.
This salve also has the extra added benefits of organic eucalyptus which is wonderful in opening up our sinuses. At the first sign of a chest cold or flu symptoms simply rub a little onto your chest and get some rest!!

I also offer a variation on this salve for chronic headaches. It is made with the same basic quality organic ingredients with the exception of adding organic peppermint. The combination of peppermint and menthol crystal flakes can ease the stress and pain of a headache. Simply massage a little into each temple and sit back and relax. The scent of these two ingredients is both uplifting and promotes deep breathing which will also be beneficial to easing the pain. Packaged in a 2 oz tin and 4 oz tin.

Healthy Salves