Menopause Serenity Set


Are you or someone you know plagued with and trying to deal with the complexities of menopause and all the symptoms that can accompany this transition in life? While yes it may be a natural and expected time of life it can be daunting to say the least.


I have created  a set of products that can help with those symptoms using all organic herbs and oils......these products can be purchased as a set or individually. prices to follow. 


*** Mellow Menopause Tea Blend ***

handcrafted organic tea blend of black cohosh root, honeybush, flax seed, chamomile flowers, nettle leaf, & Raspberry Leaf.

This is a deliciously flavored tea that can be made even more tasty with the addition of raw wild honey and/or organic lemon or orange slices. 

Black Cohosh Root being the main ingredient which has a long history of beneficial qualities associated with all types of female reproductive health issues. it contains a combination of glycosides ( sugar compound ) isoferluic acids ( anti-inflammatory agents ) and phytoestrogens ( plant based estrogens ) 

All of these help in hot flashes and the myriad of issues associated with menopause.

It imparts a wonderful bouquet of berries, roses and honey.   



 *** Tranquility Roll On ***

An easy to apply to all pulse points this roll on contains the essential oils of Clary Sage, Bergamot & Lavender. This combination works in tandem to alleviate the tension and feelings of being frazzled. Simply roll on inner wrist, inner elbow area, behind ears, temples, back of neck and back of knees...


*** Tension Tamer Organic Inhaler  ***

A delightful scent of Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Cedarwood & Lavender which will relax and calm you through your olfactory senses...easy to use simply inhale into each nostril deeply...close your eyes let the herbal magic work...... 


*** Black Cohosh Capsules ***

Black Cohosh has been used for years with great success and has been found to be useful in the treatment of stress related symptoms experienced during menopause and premenstrual (PMS ) This herb does not appear to stimulate the growth of breast tumors unlike conventional hormone replacement therapy, ( HRT ) There is also a school of thought among many researchers that the phytoestrogens in black cohosh may actually prevent tumor growth by keeping the bodys own estrogen from stimulating breast cells.

Some women experience a mild case of stomach upset for a week or so after starting the herb but this can be alleviated by always taking with food.

As with all herbal therapy these capsules must be taken consistently and will not work overnight. Be patient and breathe in...breathe out....

*** this herb should be avoided in combination with birth control pills or any estrogen sensitive cancer. ***


*~~~~~Individual Costs ~~~~~*


Tea: 2 oz $11.95

Roll On: 10 ml $10.00

Inhaler: $5.95

Capsules: 19.00


*~~~~~Complete Set of all 4 products~~~~~*

$45.00 which includes a cute stainless steel teapot shaped loose leaf tea strainer.!!

Menopause Serenity Set