New product which is infusing as we speak consists of organic vanilla beans immersed in an organic glycerin mixture on a sunny south facing window absorbing all the solar goodness our sun imparts daily. This heady concoction also sits on the sill to absorb all the lunar aspects of the moon which is what imparts a hypnotic and feminine heady aroma as the magical celestial qualities of our Moon that only slow infusing can impart.I had hoped to get this ready in enough time for my sale...but supply issues cropped up and I was unable to obtain a couple of only the very best organic products I needed. But for those that may be interested in this wonderful new scented perfume just email me with a note stating how many you would like and once my herbs have infused for a few weeks and bottled I will honor this sale. The cost of this rich fragrance that has depth and quality will be $32.00 and will be ready for shipping by mid August. This perfume will make a great gift....If you love the classical timeless scent of vanilla and lavender you will not be disappointed..!!Reserve yours this sale price offer is only available until the end of July.cost: $32.00 regular price  sale price after the 25% discount is a steal at $24.00 until July 31.

Lavender Vanilla Perfume