This new blend is handcrafted and designed specifically for digestive issues such as diverticulosis, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome is made with marshmallow root, chamomile flowers , fennel and other carefully selected herbs that will provide a very soothing and calming effect on the colon and stomach.

     Not only is it a wonderful medicinal tea for those occasional flare ups but an all round healthy tea to enjoy anytime. I have added some herbs to make it a delightful tasting tea. No sense making a medicinal tea that may help these conditions if it doesn't taste good right? gone are the days of holding our noses and drinking down some medicine because it is good for us !! 

This tea blend includes 100 slippery elm capsules which are known to help in digestive issues and excess gas. Slippery Elm has a centures old history of providing very beneficial assistance by coating the intestinal tract and healing any upsets. The capsules will work right along with the tea providing a double whammy for these digestive issues.

***not for use during pregnancy***


     Marshmallow root has long been used to treat these conditions that plague so many people. This has been shown to heal and protect the digestive system as a whole by calming the damage of overly acidic conditions.

     Please note however that marshmallow root likes to soak up everything around it and move it through the body so please refrain from drinking this tea for at least 30 minutes before or after taking any medications or supplements as their effectiveness would be reduced..

It is available in 3 sizes which are listed. 


1 oz  $12.75   for approx. 8 cups

2 oz  $17.75 for approx. 16 cups 

4 oz  $23.75 for approx. 32 cups      



Diverticulosis/Digestive Tea Blend/slippery elm capsules


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