Hot days? Longing for a tall cold refreshing healthy beverage? Something better for you than soda ? Try this Organic apple juice and peppermint brew!


Just mix the fresh juice from 4 organic apples of your choice to 2 cups of organic peppermint tea and a dash of ground cinnamon or place a cinnamon stick in to stir with. 

Find some shade and rest your hot and weary body, let the apples quench your thirst while the peppermint  cools the body. 

Absolutely delicious and filled with healthy much better than any soda pop or energy drink you can think of. !!


You can purchase organic peppermint tea from any retailer or here at Herbal Harmony. 

Also of note you can juice the apples yourself to obtain the freshest and most vitamin filled drink or purchase a good brand of organic apple juice...For the best and most vitamin filled drink, be sure it is 100% juice and not something that only contains 1% juice.    

Stay's hot out there. !!

Indulgent Peppermint