Besides being ever so tasty,  a good cup of chai with all its beneficial spices is a wonderful alternative to a cup of coffee on a long workday afternoon. It also perks you up and gears you up to finish all your tasks. Having said that however it is equally as valuable and wholesome to just sip while you relax, reading a good book or just daydreaming. !

Interesting tidbit of info I learned while researching this valuable beverage is that the word chai is used in many cultures, in India it is the Hindi word for tea, also of note the word chai translated from Hebrew to English means life. Also within the Jewish Faith the word chai possesses  numerical and symbolic meanings and represents Being Alive. 




To prepare jar of chai blend, add packet of Chai Spice Blend to 2 cups good honey and store in a glass jar with lid away from heat source. 


To prepare a cup of chai just add 1 TB of the chai spice blend and honey mixture to 3/4 cup water with 1/4 cup almond , or any milk of choice. May be enjoyed hot or cold. 


Size: Packet: Enough to prepare two cups of Chai Blend 

Honey Chai