This coaster, tea, potpourri set is perfect for Valentines Day, or any holiday. I can customize the décor to fit every holiday or occasion you need.. These make a sweet remembrance for friends, family and co workers or anyone you want to send some love to for any event or holiday of your choice. .
This includes a custom hand made heart coaster, my own special blend of 100% herbal tea, as well as a potpourri filled bag of dried roses. Set includes 6 bags of my custom tea! Everyone will love this special treat!
All you have to supply is a nice cup to complete the occasion.
The tea is comprised of a healthy blend of organic calendula flowers, chamomile buds, rose buds, spearmint leaves, orange peel, agrimony leaves and rosehips. this is a very mild tasting tea which you can add organic lemon and or orange slices to as well as honey for an even more delicious taste treat. This wonderful healthy tea can be enjoyed hot or cold.
Chamomile has the ability to boost our digestive systems, ease intestinal maladies and pain as well as strenghthening our metabolism. It is also very cleansing for our circulatory system. Chamomile is also very beneficial to our mind and spirit in that is provides calming, cooling and anxiety easing properties.
Aside from the romantic aspects of roses are its ability to be very uplifting, cheering and calming on our psyche and everyone can certainly benefit from those attributes!!
For the body it is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and an excellent tonic for the heart and circulatory system. Even the smell of roses invades the senses and invites a feeling of calmness, and can promote pleasant dreams.
Calendula flowers are extremely nutrient dense and possess antioxidant antiseptic and healing effects on our body.
These are just a few of the many benefits of the herbs I chose to create this new blend I am calling Floral Essence Tea.
This sweet little set comes in red with the Floral Essence tea, royal blue with a mint tea and lavender with a lavender infused tea.

Holiday Coaster Set