Plagued with nail fungus, athletes foot or any other of the many irritating skin issues we must cope with occasionally? I am now offering a few new products to assist with these ailments.
All are handcrafted by me and I use only choice 100% organic ingredients:
*****Himalayan Sea Salt which is hand mined from ancient sea salt deposits and considered to be one of the purest of sea salts.
*****Dead Sea Salt mined from Israel and is a very luxurious sea salt dried from the saline and mineral rich marshes from the confined dead sea.
*****Epsom Salts, which are chock full of magnesium and other components which help to ease muscle soreness and is an excellent source of beneficial properties to help in the relief of many skin irritations.
*****Plus my own much researched combo of essential oils formulated for the relief of skin issues...

***** Kelp Powder: which is full of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and polyphenols and great for all skin issues....Also has healthy acid components which binds to toxins and draw out impurities. Highly detoxifying.

Packaged in a 4 oz tin $14.00
May be purchased individually or as part of a set of foot and nail care products.

Healthy Healing Foot Soak