Now offering two new salts from the islands of Hawaii....a Black Lava Sea Salt and Red Alaea Salt. 
These will arrive in 2 oz glass jars and will add a very desirable and delectable flavor to all your meals.
Black Lava Sea Salt not only adds depth and complexity with its rich earthy flavor but has a healthy advantage also in that it is infused with charcoal which is known to be very beneficial in ridding our bodies of toxins. 
Red Alaea Salt is a very traditional much used salt in Hawaii and is gathered from tidal pools where it is evaporated and also naturally mixed with the rich red volcanic clay which is so plentiful in the islands. 
Because both of these salts are so complex and robust in flavor you will find a little goes quite a long use sparingly as it is far better to add more if needed than not
Beautiful Coaster Tile courtesy of Gayle Rappaport-Weiland Fine

Hawaiian Island Salts


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