Harissa is fiery spice blend used liberally in Tunisia. A very versatile and fun spice!! It is a delicious addition for many soups, stews, marinades, hummus, couscous, vegetables and dips. It can also be made into a paste with the addition of olive oil, tomato paste or sauce or a red pepper puree to marinate many meats or vegetables. . It is also a tantalizingly tasty dry rub for all meats, fish & vegetables. A very versatile and user friendly spice blend for all kitchens it is also used as a delicious replacement for the usual condiments generally used on sandwiches, gyros, crab cakes etc. by mixing with as much or as little of the spice depending upon your particular preferences to Greek yogurt and slather on your favorite sandwich.
This is a must have spice blend no matter if you are crazy about highly spiced food or not as you can add as much or as little to your recipes or even serve on the table to sprinkle on or dip in depending on its state as either a dry spice or a paste

Harissa Spice Blend