New product now available..! Organic Hand Sanitizer, I have had many requests for this and have been working diligently is now prepared, bottled, labeled and ready to be shipped to whoever would like a safe nicely scented way to eliminate germs and sanitize your hands.. It consists of all pure and organic ingredients and is handcrafted with a 90% alcohol content which is nearly double the recommended amount needed making this product very effective in removing germs. At the same time the ingredients used along with it are organic essential oils with a base of non GMO organic Aloe Vera Gel which uses the inner fillet of the aloe leaves...This combination is fresh, softening and scented nicely. A small spray is all that is necessary for your hands when routine hand washing is not readily available. For a limited time with each order I am including two bottles of sanitizer, 1 complimentary immune enhancing organic herbal inhaler as well as 5 bags of my handcrafted immunity building tea which is not only a very healthy tea but also delicious. the tea may be enjoyed either hot or cold ....this set is valued at $23.95.Set includes: two bottles of hand sanitizer, 1 immune enhancing inhaler and 5 bags of immunity building handcrafted tea.Or single bottle of sanitizer for $6.50***** Immunity Building Tea Ingredents: ***** 100% OrganicRosehips, Nettle Leaf, Hibiscus Flowers, Galangal Root, Echinacea Root, Minced Dried Lemon, Ginger Root, Elderberry, Spearmint Leaves.*** PLEASE SHAKE SANITIZER WELL BEFORE EACH USE FOR BEST RESULTS *** 

Hand Sanitizer