A captivating and inspirational combination of classic Greek spices which will perfectly compliment many meats and vegetables. This can be sprinkled straight from the jar as  lightly or generously as you choose to flavor your dish.
To make a delicous marinade simply emulsify one part any flavored wine vinegar of choice to two parts  extra virgin olive oil, add as much fresh lemon juice and finely chopped garlic as you choose with a couple of teaspoons of the Greek spice blend, marinate lamb, beef, pork or poultry for 3 hours covered in the refrigerator.
When preparing fish, being a more delicate type of protein it will only require about a 30 minute marinade.
Red Wine Vinegars will have the most sharp and pungent taste making them ideal for meat marinades but any wine vinegar of choice will be equally as delicious depending upon your particular preference.
Champagne wine vinegars typically possess a very light and fresh taste and are generally reserved for salads, but again the choices are endless, be creative!!
When you are ready to bake, grill or roast the meat pour marinade off and cook as desired.
Be ready for a tremendous taste experience!!

Greek Blend