Included in this handcrafted set of anti fungal foot care are a healthy foot soak which includes many beneficial skin care herbs, salts including kelp which is highly detoxifying Also a foot powder chock full of deodorizing components and created to keep your feet dry which can discourage the irritating fungal growth.Plus an herbal infused salve prepared by infusing calendula flowers on a sunny window for a few weeks in organic olive oil which pulls the healing properties of the calendula flowers out. Calendula is a highly regarded flower to benefit many different skin issues. Foot Soak arrives in a bag that will provide 4 soothing foot soaks. Simply add 1/2 cup per tub or basin of warm water and relax for 15 - 20 minutes.  Foot Powder is packaged in a shaker container and holds a full 4 oz of fungal fighting softening powder. Sprinkle on feet after the foot soak or any shower or bath...will help to keep your feet dry while providing healthy ingredients to relieve the itching and irritation of any foot skin issue. Herbal Anti Fungal Salve is prepared infused calendula oil jojoba oil, bees wax and many  beneficial essential oils to soothe and heal. Arrives in a 4 oz tin. Massage in 2 times per day for maximum relief. Apply to clean dry skin area. Not for use in or around any sensitive mucus membranes. Set of 3 products: $37.50 and also qualifies for free shipping.

Fungal Foot Care Set