With winter now upon us many will suffer the harsh elements that can dry our skin and make it rough.
I have created a luxurious new body wash that will ease those symptoms and is made for all skin types. The aloe vera gel is cold pressed and 100% organic and provides emollient and softening properties. The different hydrosols all possess their own particular benefits and all smell wonderful.
Each one is 100% organic and steam distilled.
This particular body wash does not lather up as bubbly or excessively as some of the commercial ones do but you will find the skin softening benefits far outweigh bubbles and the addition of perservatives and or chemicals that are often a standard in store bought body washes.
My body wash has only 4 organic ingredients which will assure a healthy and safe body wash that will leave your skin hydrated, soft and smelling fantastic.
You can if desired scrunch it up into a moistened bath sponge, cloth or bath poof to obtain the most bubbly lather as possible.
The essential oil of choice all possess relaxing and other attributes that you will find very enjoyable.
Custom orders are accepted and I plan on adding more variations at a later date.

16 oz

Fresh & Luxurious Body Wash