Troubled by the pain, itching and irritation associated with eczema flare ups? I know many are...i have developed a complete skin care package that is very healing and will provide much relief. All these products are personally handcrafted by me after exhaustive research into the best high quality organic ingredients available

This set is comprised of the following products:


Healing Body Wash

This is made with pure organic castile soap, vegetable glycerin, two types of organic hydrosols that are wonderful for skin issues, Aloe Vera Gel and geranium essential oil. Perfect for the shower. contains 8 ounces. 


Soothing Skin Spritzer

A wonderful way to freshen up after a bath or shower or anytime a quick refreshing spray of organic products is needed. It is handcrafted with chamomile, calendula, aloe vera and tea tree and geranium essential oils. No refrigeration is needed however it can be especially refreshing if kept in the refrigerator for use after a walk or workout...or just anytime a quick pick me up is needed. arrives in a 4 oz glass bottle with sprayer top.


Specialty Eczema Bar Soap

Wonderful ingredients to not only hydrate but soothe irritated skin, handcrafted with all organic castile, glycerin, safflower oil, which is known for its highly moisturizing due to its high linoleic content, oat protein, kokum butter an exquisite organic ingredient for all skin issues, as well as tea tree and geranium oil.  Bar soap is approximately 4 oz of pure organic ingredients and fits nicely in your hand.   


Skin Relief Oil Blend

This emollient blend is created from the best organic essential oils combined with pure organic sunflower oil which will ease the itching and burning associated with eczema flareups as well as any skin issue. Packaged in a convenient silver metal canister with a spray top for complete convenience when using. Massage into affected areas as needed.


 Eczema Relief Balm

This is a very comforting salve handcrafted from solar infused chaparal leaf in a sunny window for several days to glean all the medicinal and healing properties from the chaparal leaf. This herb has been cultivated for centuries and one stand in the Mojave Desert is said to be more than 11,000 years old. This particular herb however is not recommended for use in pregnancy as its properties are similar to estrogen. Very soothing and healing for skin issues. This is a very emollient salve that can be massaged into the effected areas as needed. this is a full 8 oz of salve. 


Eczema Relief Bath Packet

This is made specifically for a relaxing bath and is handcrafted of organic calendula and chamomile flowers which are both long known for their soothing skin components, oatstraw which has very nutritive and calming qualities especially in skin problems. 

This arrives in a a group of muslin packs all ready to place into a warm bath and enjoy its healing and calming effect on eczema and other troubling skin problems. 10 packets will be provided. 


The use of any or all of these products should provide the relief needed for these flare ups...all may be purchased as a set or you may select any that you feel will be specifically suited for your needs. 


This is listed as a set for $75.00 ..however they are also available as Individual products and the prices are listed below for  complete customization of just what you need.


Complete eczema Skin Care Relief Set: 



Healing Body Wash: 



Soothing Skin Spritzer: 



Specialty Eczema Bar Soap:



Eczema Relief Balm: 



Eczema Relief Bath Packet

$ 20.00


Skin Relief Oil Blend



Eczema Skin Care Relief Set