This beneficial tea blend made with dandelion leaf, fennel seed, ginger root, peppermint, marshmallow root and other very healing organic herbs is now available as a set to include 100 organic slippery elm capsules for a double whammy to calm those digestive issues. Also includes the delicious specialty herbs of hibiscus flowers and honey-bush tea which in addition to all the healithy properties in this specalty tea also tastes has a somewhat tangy flavor similar to cranberry...even better with a slice of organic meyer lemon or orange and raw wild honey.

Slippery Elm is long known to have very healing demulcent components that has been used for centuries to line the digestive tract providing much needed relief for many digestive issues. Slippery Elm contains mucilage, a gel-like substance that provides a soothing healing substance to the digestive tract and is able to calm and bring much relief to most digestive upsets..


Tea may be ordered as loose leaf or bagged for individual cups.




1 oz for approximately 8 cups & 100 slippery elm capsules: $21.75


2 oz for approximately 16 cups & 100 slippery elm capsules: $26.75


4 oz for approximately 32 cups & 100 slippery elm capsules: $32.75

Digestive Tea Blend & Slippery Elm Capsules