A delightful blend of organic lemon, peppermint, spearmint and lavender essential oils which will make a beautiful relaxing yet uplifting aroma to both calm the senses as well as bring a joyful feeling .................many different custom blends are available….depending upon the effect you are searching for...email me with your preferences and I will be able to create the scent of your choice. Perfect for all diffusers...*** Please note these oils are not to be used directly on your skin as they are highly concentrated pure essential oils derived from plants. These oils are created solely for use in an essental oil diffuser only. If you would like assistance in the selection of an appropriate diffuser I would be happy to assist. If you are interested in scents you can apply to the skin please see my line of Aromatherapy Roll - On Scents as they are diluted with the appropriate and safe carrier oils. *** 

Custom Diffuser Oil

  • *** Brief descriptions of benefits associated with  some issues. This includes, but is not limited to the following ***



    Eucalyptus; fresh,  penetrating, woody, camphorous

    uses: asthma, bronchitis, respiratory issues, expectorant,



    Lavender: sweet, floral, herbaceous

    uses: healing, agitation, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, postpartum depression, tension, blood pressure



    Lemon: clean, sugary citrus, sour....

    uses: anxiety, depression, stress,  cleansing, air pollution, energizing, grief, relaxation, uplifting



    Lemongrass: heavy lemony, green scented

    uses: air purification, mental fatigue, air pollution, respiratory issues 



    Peppermint: minty, hot, spicy, herbaceous

    uses; alertness chronic fatigue, congestion, migraines, motion sickness, rhinitis, digestive issues, anger, depression



    Rose: rich, sweet, spicy floral , tenacious

    uses: headaches nervous tension, aphrodisiac, stimulating, mind elevating, well being.



    Rosemary: fresh,  camphorous, woody, balsamic  

    uses: antioxidant, , headache, memory, sinusitis fatigue, flu, memory, depression, 



    Spearmint: warm, spicy, herbaceous, minty

    uses: headaches, bronchitis hypertension, nervousness, depression, nausea, relaxing 



    Sweet Orange: sweet, sugar, citrus

    uses: anxiety, fear, insomnia, nervousness, uplifting



    Ylang-Ylang: rich, sweetly floral

    uses: calming, aphrodisiac, blood pressure, relaxation, stress, tension, tachycardia, confidence, joyful