Newest spice just in time for summer BBQ's !! A special blend of smoky and aromatic mix of savory spices to include: Hungarian Paprika, roasted garlic granules, toasted onion flakes along with some citrusy flavors which accompany the smokiness just right.

Perfect for steak, poultry and pork. Mix some in with ground beef for a delicious flavorful smoky BBQed hamburger and you can even sprinkle some on the corn on the cob.


This would be wonderful as a quick and easy BBQ sauce just mix in 2 tb to 1 cup of catsup and fire up the grill!!


Citrusy Hickory is extremely complimentary to the best cuts of red meat and before grilling that perfect steak rub a little spice into the meat and will develop a slight charring which seals in the juices and flavor.

It is equally as tasty on all meats and vegetables for that summer outdoorsy flavor only the bbq can offer!!


This citrus hickory is excellent on shrimp and so easy, simply toss shrimp into the spice blend before searing and add to a ripened halved avocado for a light summer brunch..!


4 oz jar

Citrusy hickory smoke BBQ