So many people suffer from the daily painful effects of arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia just to name a few issues....that I have researched and developed a set of handcrafted products to help ease these discomforts. Rather than inundate our bodies with the multitude of OTC and RX medications that are often filled with many unnecessary ingredients that have no true benefits, I have created a set of my own products that can help these painful conditions. These herbal remedies are all created with 100% organic ingredients with no additional fillers or preservatives.Many of these chronic painful conditions can benefit from a good detoxification process and I strongly believe in the goodness of Milk Thistle and Dandelion. They are both very well known herbs and used extensively within the Holistic community with much success. Listed below are the basic products which can be beneficial for the general public. This set can also be customized to include particular herbs and/or teas geared just for certain health issues. Milk Thistle Capsules ( 60 day supply )Devils Claw Capsules ( 60 day supply )Burdock Root & Dandelion Tea. ( approx. 32 cups    Capsaicin / Arnica Salve to be massaged into the painful areas. Black Pepper Essential OilGinger Essential OilsThis package comes with full instructions and suggestions for additional relief that can be done at home.

Chronic Aches & Pain Relief Set