A new blend consisting of Makrut Lime Sea Salt and Chili Powder. Makrut leaves are indigenous to South East Asia but many now thrive in the Hawaiian Islands . Makrut leaves are very citrusy, tart and tangy without being sour or bitter, it is a very refreshing taste to the palate. And when mixed with a good quality organic chili powder and citrus pepper it is nearly indescribable. The end result is both spicy, citrusy and an unexpected wonderful taste sensation.

While this blend can be added to virtually any dish such as roasted or steamed vegetable, poultry, pork, and even sprinkled on top of freshly baked cookies, it is definitely a very versatile spice blend and promises to be a very fun and enjoyable one to boot. Sprinkled on popcorn and it was delicious...what a tarty tasty addition. !!!

A true natural lime taste that will be a welcome addition to all recipes.


Size: 4 oz jar

cost: $8.70

Chili Lime Blend