Even though Summer is now  officially over now many of us still enjoy the taste of grilling on the BBQ....I have created a new extremely flavorful blend of organic spices for use on all meats and even vegetables just for the days when nothing but the smell of the BBQ grilling your favorite meats and or veggies will do!!. And as the days grow shorter and colder this is equally as good for oven roasting as well.
Sprinkle on a slab of ribs, burgers, steaks, chops or chicken add some olive oil  and let marinate for about 20 minutes or so while you fire up the grill or oven.  This is wonderful on all the many types of squash that are always so plentiful in winter. 

A great way to BBQ or Oven Roast vegetables is to cut into chunks and place on tin foil or oven pan and spritz lightly with olive oil , sprinkle the spice blend on liberally and roast or BBQ to your liking.  This would also be very tasty on a thick slice of sour dough bread with olive oil and grilled to perfection. It is a most versatile spice blend and one I am sure will be a welcome addition to your spice cabinet.

BBQ Grill & Roasting Spice Blend