A new line of aromatherapy that is wonderful to wear anytime you want to freshen up both physically as well as emotionally. Essential oils have been in use for centuries and each one has its own specific benefits upon our bodies and emotions.  Oils such as sweet orange and jasmine for example are known to have a tranquilizing effect which produces calmness and a sense of well being. Other oils also possess their own distinct scent  and how they can effect the emotions . 


Aromatherapy is just one of many unique branches of herbalism that uses the medicinal properties found in the essential oils of many different plants. A very safe, refreshing and comforting method  to boost your emotional state while smelling as fresh as a blooming garden or the wonderful scent of a clear pure sunshine filled day. 


These are 100% organic  hand crafted blends packaged into a personal sized roll on 10 ml bottle making it convenient to carry with you. All of these special blends I offer are combined with organic jojoba oil which is known to be therapeutic to the skin.


Paradise…a complex, spicy-sweet blend which evokes tropical summers

Spring Splendor: a light fresh floral citrus blend to promote a soothing and uplifting feeling

Woodland Wonder: a resinous evergreen reminiscent of a cool day deep within the forests, very centering and grounding.

Loving Lavender: relaxing...lightly scented aroma of a wild lavender field....very comforting


$10.00 or 2 / $15.00 mix or match scents. 

Aromatherapy Roll on Scents


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