Arnica Salve is a wonderful product for sore muscles, bruises and sprains. It has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits. Arnica has been used in Europe for centuries as well as by the Native Americans as a major healing medicinal plant. With summer here and all the sports related activities going on it is the perfect first aid remedy to keep on hand. It is far more effective than the usual over the counter topical creams and salves you can purchase in that arnica has the ability to be absorbed deep into the affected area and relieve the pain associated with injuries. It also has the capacity to shorten the amount of bruising time.
I can add capsaicin also which has a warming effect and also contains anti-inflammatory benefits. When applied in this salve base it has the capability to permeate the skin, enter the nerve and eliminates the pain message from reaching the brain. With the addition of capsaicin care must be taken to ensure it is not placed on or near the mucus membranes as it will cause burning and irritation.
Also of note a heating pad must NOT be used with the addition of this herb, but a heating pad is fine to use with just the arnica oil. Packaged in a 2 oz tin.

Arnica Salve