A new taste for breakfast or a snack anytime, my custom take on the regular cinnamon sugar we all grew up with is sure to tickle your taste buds. I have carefully blended a delightful array of delicate and pungent organic spices and have come up with a sensational variation on everyones favorite comfort food..
This special blend is made from Madasgascar Vanilla Beans, Organic Lavender, Vietnamese Cinnamon which is grown in Saigon and is considered to be the most piquant of all the cinnamon types. Combined with the Grenada Nutmeg, Maple Sugar Jamaican Allspice, Turbinado Sugar which is made from 100% natural sugar cane with the natural molasses kept in the crystals makes for a very distinctive taste and texture.
It is a very unique and delicious addition to a thick hot slice of toasted bread, Oatmeal, 10 grain hot cereals, Cream of Wheat, Rice, Engish Muffins, or anything that needs a pop of flavor.
Both Adults and Kids will enjoy this exclusive 100% organic spice blend especially on these cold winter mornings or as a late night snack.

Ambrosial Delicacy