Advieh Spice Blend is one that originated in Iran and posseses both savory and floral notes due to the addition of organic rose petals. It is equally delicious whether used in rice pilaf dishes or soups as well as a wonderful variation when sprinkled on toast or oatmeal. There is a school of thought that feels the rose petals are not necessary but my research has shown that Advieh just wouldnt be the same without it. The rose petals as soft and delicate as seem definitely pack a punch of wonderful flavor. It imparts a somewhat sweet and floral flavor that is both subtle and discreet yet noticable at the same time.
It is a delicously different spice blend and is used primarily in soups, chicken and bean dishes. creative it would be as delicous on all meats and vegetables. !!

Advieh Spice Blend