Troubled by recurring acne flare up or just deal with an overly active oily skin type? I recently received a custom request regarding this and after some research came up with a four part system that can help to calm the irritation of these issues.  It is comprised of a combination of French Green Clay and Calendula Flowers both of which are known to be extremely beneficial for the skin.  This wonderful clay has enormous absorbent properties that actually soaks up the oils, toxins and other impurities from your skin while it also tones and stimulates. While there are many brands of green clay available the type I use here is mined from naturally occurring deposits  in France and is untreated pure and organic Green Clay. Calendula contains anti fungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties that make it excellent for all skin issues, healing wounds, soothing eczema and even relieving diaper rash. I have ground up organic dried Calendula flowers and added it to the french green clay as a part of my skin care set. Simple to use by  mixing a thin paste with the clay and rosewater, applying to freshly washed face avoiding the eyes, nostrils and mouth...let sit for a few minutes or until nearly dry yet still a little tacky. then remove with a warm wash cloth. Dry face and apply the witch hazel for its toning ability, then apply a small amount of the sunflower oil for a finished hydration. I recommend using twice weekly. This is a wonderful way to end your hectic day as part of your bedtime routine.  Complete instructions on the products themselves.  Included in set: 8 oz of organic rose water combined with just a touch of  witch hazel and vitamin E oil.8 oz of organic french green clay with ground up dried calendula flowers4 oz of organic witch hazel for toning afterwards2 oz of organic sunflower oil and tea tree oil for hydrating & moisturizingCost: $32.00

Acne Skin Care Relief